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恭喜Catrin! 🎬🎥🎞️👏🏻👏🏻


以防你错过了! Why not spend your Easter break reflecting all the fun our students have been up to… Our most recent magazine takes a look back over life at Waldegrave within this last term🌼


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64 Year 7’s took part in their Interhouse 5-a-side football tournament yesterday ⚽️ All teams played the other houses in their pool, 代表他们的房子! 最终结果: 🥇7EFR 🥈7FAD 🥉7FCO & 7POR 做得好,所有参与的学生👏🏼


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Huge congratulations to the group of Year 7 Netballer’s who came 3rd place in the 2nd Richmond Borough Tournament of the season! 他们打了4场比赛击败了特威克纳姆 & Christs, drawing with Orleans and losing to Grey Court. 做得好,教练球员艾玛👏🏼🥉


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Well done to our Year 8 Netball Team who played in their Borough Tournament on Friday, winning 2 of their games against Grey Court and Turing House! 他们获得了第四名. Congratulations to coaches player of the tournament Jasmine 👏🏼


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We are underway at the Year 8 Richmond Borough Netball Tournament! 🏐


We also ended the term with a lovely concert hosted by our Music Department!🎶线上买球app的乐团, bands and choirs put on a marvellous performance for our Y7 and 8 students, 音乐来自《西区故事, Cold Play和Stevie Wonder只是举几个例子🎵


多么美妙的春季学期结束方式啊! 线上买球app希望每个人都能参与线上买球app的年度活动 bonnet parade had as much fun as we did👒 Wishing everyone a lovely, well deserved break🐣🌼


We hope our A Level Geographers enjoy this opportunity to refine their knowledge in prep for their exams! ☘️



Well done to all Year 12s involved in the Geography Undergraduate Taster Day at on Monday. What a great backdrop for some seminars and lectures in East London! Thanks to 感谢琼斯先生招待线上买球app,感谢他组织这次旅行



If you're worried about solvent use you can find helpful information here For more information on local support for children in Kingston & 里士满访问:






It's the last week to get your child booked onto the Easter 2023 FUEL holiday and activity programme 🌸 For further info on how to book and what activities are on offer, please follow this link ---> 有这么多的乐趣! 🐣



If you know someone age 11-18 who wants to report on a story or issue which is important to them we want to know it! The 2023年的参赛名额还会再开放几天吗. 截稿日期:3月31日星期五 ➡️


登船,准备出发. 柏林万岁! 🇩🇪✈️


柏林第三天. 15000级台阶,3个U-Bahnen, 1辆公交车. 爬了367级Siegesäule, 探索了基辅的古董店, visited Checkpoint Charlie and were impressed by Norman Foster’s glass dome on top of the Reichstag 🇩🇪👍🏻🫶🏻


柏林之日2, 第二部分:亚历山大广场, 去东区画廊看迪毛尔, U-Bahn到KaDeWe, ending with die Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtsniskirche… packing it in! 💪🇩🇪❤️


的学生 have had a guided tour of the Stasi Museum this morning and are heading to the East Side Gallery this afternoon to look at remnants of the Berlin Wall


柏林的Guten Tag报道! Despite the 4am start our A Level German students are thrilled to be exploring this amazing city. 亚历山大广场上的酒店,靠近Fernsehturm. Currently on a 4hr walking tour but still going💪#lovegerman


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Hot on the heels of our Easter holiday camps guide, here's our guide to family activities & events that are going on over the Easter holidays - includes lots in Richmond Borough and also things further afield if you're looking for more of a day out 🐣


This area provides support for students with Social Communication Difficulty and/or Autism.  This specialised learning environment has dedicated spaces for interventions and therapies as well as kitchen facilities and a garden.  These enable students to find the space to feel secure and be supported appropriately by our expert staff.



The child is at the centre of our philosophy to create a safe, positive and effective learning environment in which all members of our community are respected. 线上买球app对学生的发展有很高的期望. 线上买球app相信有效的沟通, praise, celebration of success and quality teaching and learning will enable each individual to reach their full potential.


To be named to the SRP at Waldegrave by the Achieving for Children, students must have an EHCP with primary need of Social Communications Difficulty and or Autism. 线上买球app目前在SRP中有8个名额.


We run a range of interventions including: Social Thinking, Numeracy, Literacy & Organisation. 发送信息报告2021-2022

KS3 & KS4

尽管参加了KS3的大部分课程, our students typically work on a flexible pathway building on core subjects and those of particular interest/skill with a vision to continue with those at KS4. Flexible pathway is again followed at KS4 participating in a lighter load of GCSE’s balanced with incorporation of practical skills.


We are very proud of our previous students from the SRP as they have all gone on to post 16 studies completing courses at various colleges.



Westminster Kingsway -媒体






What should I do if I have a child who might be suitable for the SRP?

Typically the first step would be to attend a school tour during open mornings with a slot to speak to the SRP manager or the SENCO. 

What does my child need in order to be named to the SRP?

To be named to the SRP the student must have a diagnosis of ASD or SLCN and an EHCP. 


The support the students in the SRP receive is down to the funding by AFC. 每个学生都能得到他们应得的支持, 大约是8个名额的1/8. 


They tend to attend most mainstream lessons (some with support depending on their strengths or challenges) and usually spend 3-4 lessons each week in the provision for interventions as indicated in the EHCP. 


Maths, English and the Sciences are not taught in small groups but needs in these areas may also be addressed through interventions within the SRP (in addition to mainstream lessons).